Carb Block

Carb Block!

Carb Block!

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve parties! And now you can enjoy them without the guilt of overindulging! Try our Carb Block! Our Carb Block contains Nopal Cactus, a substance that binds dietary fat and simple sugars and keeps them from being absorbed! Avoid that sugar spike and take two pills before your meal, reducing absorption of fats and sugar by 15-20%! Start taking charge of your health before the New Year even begins!


Tips and Tricks!

Want to enjoy your holiday parties without overindulging and paying the price pound for pound? Then try these tricks to still have a great time all the while keeping control!new years party

1. Tight pants are in! Seriously, tighten your pants! This will prevent you from overeating, as soon as your belt gets even tighter, you’ll know when to stop

2. Eat a healthy snack or meal BEFORE attending your occasion. It works, if you keep yourself satisfied and don’t show up ravenous and ready to eat a horse you are more likely to pick at apps and pay more attention to your hunger cues

3. Make it a sprizter! Add club soda to your favorite wine or liquor to lessen the calorie blast. Things like lime or lemon add the extra twist! Keep it on the rocks! A little ice will not only keep your beverage frosty, but will take up some room in your glass!

4. Exercise!Exercise before the party! Don’t skip a day just because you have a lot to do! Just 30 minutes will do!

Should I Supplement?

I get this question a lot.

My answer?  Yes!

My reasoning is simple: foods just are not made the way they used to be. You’ve probably heard it a million times, but it’s true. Foods now are hybridized and genetically modified, refined, and nutrients are altered. Here’s a good thing to know: the FDA requires certain nutrients to be listed on the food label, but they allow a certain percentage variance, so the labels do not have to be exact.

What about if you have a super healthy organic mostly plant based diet? Well fruits and vegetables have a varied amount of nutrients as well, depending upon what region of the world they are grown, how long they are in storage for, even what type of soil they are grown in. So who is really to know if we are indeed making our daily intake recommendations of vitamins and nutrients? Better to be safe than sorry! So supplement!

So now you’re thinking “Okay! I’m off to Target and GNC, brb!” But WAIT! I’d like to tell you to head right out the door and get a jump start before we even ring in the New Year but, how do you know your nutrient needs? Let us help! Come into elements to have a free consultation with me, Meg, elements’s Nutritionist on staff, to get your supplement recommendations! How? Based upon your every day diet I will be able to define exactly what nutrients you may be deficient in and guide you in the proper direction.

But there’s more! The supplements that are available at places like Walmart, Target, and GNC are not exactly what they seem. Supplements found at places like that are not FDA approved. Why you ask? Easy, the approval process is expensive, and in order for these brands to have a higher profit margin, manufacturing costs have to be kept down. This leads to cheap supplements that are not monitored and are potentially hazardous. The supplements that I recommend are medical grade, pure supplements. Where can you find those? Doctor’s offices, Chiropractic offices and, even better, at our very own elements diet and fitness!

Our BalanceDiet brand supplements are made by Alcrea laboratories. Alcrea laboratory not only manufactures our exclusive BalanceDiet supplements, but they produce pharmaceutical drugs as well. The fact that Alcrea produces pharmaceutical drugs means that it is an FDA approved laboratory that has strict monitoring of production and manufacturing. Our products are medical grade supplements that rival prescription strength vitamins and minerals. These are the products that I recommend for safety AND effectiveness.

With the New Year coming, it’s time to start it with a new, healthier you. Take control!

Come into elements diet and fitness to set up a consultation to get your health on track!

Portion Control!

Portion Control!

We all know that portion control has a lot to do with losing weight and maintaining a healthy one. However, measuring out your snacks and meals can be time consuming. Not anymore! Use these simple references to learn how to manage your portions!


allproducts15.jpgDid you know that Hawthorn Berries are used to promote the health of the circulatory system, treat angina, high blood pressure and has been found to strengthen the heart? Hawthorn Berries are one of many amazing ingredients that could be found in Vitalift.